Shree Vyankatesh Ayurved, Margao Goa

 Shree Vyankatesh Ayurved, Margao Goa branch runned by Dr.Suraj Sadashiv Patlekar,-MS (Ayu), is situated in the heart of the beautiful margao city, the South Goa capital, jst 4kms away from the seashore and very next to the Goa-bangalore highway NH-17, surrounded by all the amenities like bus stands, markets, hotels, stadium, shoping complexes etc.
Facilities available at Shree Vyankatesh Aayurved:
  • Authentic Ayurveda treatment for all diseases specifically joint disorders(pain, stiffness etc), skin diseases, indigestion related complaints such as constipation, hyperacidity etc.
  • All Classical panchakarma procedures like  vaman, virechan, various basti, nasya,  raktamokshan, shirodhara, snehan swedan, pinda sweda, janu-kati-manya basti etc are carried out on patients
  • Males & female patients procedures are carried out by respective physicians & therapists
  • A thorough history taking with “diet consultation” according to the prakruti of the patient
  • Suvarnaprashan sanskaar carried out on every months auspicious day of pushya nakshatra for childrens upto 14 years of age which boosts up the immunity, increases the appetite, voice quality & skin tone, overall physical, mental growth & development of the child, memory-intellectual-grasping capacity improvises, beneficial for eyes etc done by experienced and qualified aayurveda physicians
  • ENT checkup which includes Ear, Nose, Throat & Head diseases by specialised aayurved physician
  • Monthly visit (last saturday & sunday of every month) of mumbai’s renowned aayurveda physician Dr.Pareexit S.Shevde, specialised in gynaecological disorders &  infertility for consultation and treatments on appointments only
About Dr. Suraj Patlekar:
  • Physician in charge at Shree Vyankatesh Aayurved, Margao-Goa branch
  • Assistant Professor at Gomantak Aayurved Mahavidyalaya & Research Centre, Shiroda, Goa since 02/01/2017
  • Former Deputy Superintendent at Gomantak Aayurved Mahavidyalaya & Research Centre, Shiroda, Goa from 2/11/2015 to 31/12/2016
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